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Impulse 2 - Seven Months Later

I found myself returned to this area, to this family unit, now in crises. I won't bore you with those details except to say this was for an extended stay, yet I only photographed this duo on film (my preferred modus operandi) for two exposures together.

Again, it was to finish off a roll - this time black and white. It had been raining nearly non-stop for weeks. We three were going a bit cabin-crazy. I had recently sent two of my film magazines in for servicing and needed to test them.

I'd had to wash the baby girl's whiteTeddy & pink Bunny twice that day. The first time after she'd soiled them... soon after that, Armani, now a full-grown dog (yes, they'd all aged substantially during the few intervening months as young children and canines truly do), well, Armani had wrassled the stuffed critters down to the grassy mud (remember it had been like monsoon season that summer) -- puddled grass... another run through the washing machine. So I needed to watch over the toy laundry like a security guard as the sun waned, but humidity remained high.

I scurried the two children outside when the light was low yet bright. I set the white webbed chair between the critters and brought out two magnetic alphabet letters: "J" for Justice and "T" for Thearee -- I knew I needed to give them something to do, to concentrate on, to forget about me. This time, frame 11 was better than frame 12.

Almost a month later, I had three frames left on a second roll of black and white film (I'm sensing a pattern emerging), so I had Justice wear his favorite new superhero costume, and frame ten was the best, but the other two frames are fine too. In my head, I'd imagined that this pair of images might work as the diptych shown here. I'm also currently underway with a project that incorporates these photos and newer ones with text.  It is tentatively entitled:  DEFEATING BUNNIES.

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