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playing around 

a limited edition booklet images by Didi S. Gilson

design by Tomas Kuklik

published by Gaterooze, Ink

34 pages - A5 (landscape orientation) 148mm X 210mm

Making a photo is a game where I decide the rules: what it needs to look like, do, what to include or exclude from a scene. Life was in staycation limbo but I had the compulsion to play. 


I began "Playing Around" as an isolation project, a zine booklet that leapt from a specific 'suburban round' series, and expanded on that 9-image grid by filling in other photos mostly from the past few years (2018-mid2020) with some outliers.


A loose undercurrent concept below: Climate Crisis & Water for image flow.


My own odd travelogue & an intro to our AU coastal 'hood for 'hodophiles with fernweh'.

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